Our mission is to provide a cost-efficient and top-quality service that will exceed the expectations of our clients, thus guaranteeing their satisfaction and their continued patronage.

Actuate Builders Inc. ensures to achieve its vision and mission through:

  1. Designing of ideas that best fit the client’s needs.
  2.  Implementation of proper building methods and principles, and construction with speed and quality.
  3. Collaboration and Effective Communications between our team and the client. We firmly believe that the key to having an efficient workplace is through good communications.
  4. Active output maintenance and troubleshooting and;
  5. Constant Research and Development on new and more efficient building techniques and principles. We invest in training programs and seminar updates for our engineers, architects, safety officers and office staff.


Our vision is to be the most trusted and in-demand general contractor in the Philippines within the next 5 years. We also aim to raise the bar of construction standards in the country by utilizing modern construction practices, adhering to international standards, and practicing value engineering in each and every one of our projects.

Philosophy and Core Values

Actuate Builders Inc. makes it a point to extend a high degree of care for our clients, as well as to all staff members. We cultivate a sense of family amongst each other, which fosters both personal growth and good moral character. Across all the departments of the company, each individual embodies our company values such as transparency, honesty, and good will. In turn, such beliefs result in good relationships with our clients, and ultimately, a job well done.

Personal Integrity

Actuate Builders is composed of reliable and dedicated individuals who are not only assets to the company, but also valuable members of society. Our company can be likened to a family, wherein each member plays a specific role, and also positively contributes to the unit as a whole. Through our corporate culture, we provide an environment where our employees can further develop their skills and improve their talents.


In the construction industry, you are only as good as your finished product. Having said this, we guarantee that our output is of top quality, and that no “shortcuts” were made. Structural integrity and client satisfaction is extremely important to us, and this can only be achieved via a smooth-flowing operation that adheres to all the proper standards and requirements.

Transparency and Efficient Operations, Leading to Top-Quality Service

We firmly believe that the key to having a successful business is through the practice of transparency. We prefer our clients to see us as strategic partners, because we operate as an extension of the client’s own staff. We act as an overseeing entity and project manager that makes sure that deadlines are met, and that quotas are hit. Safety, security, quality control, scheduling, and designing are just a few of the many aspects of construction that we specialize in.